Pre-Tec Enhances Robotic Weld Cell Automation

Pre-Tec is committed to improving time to market and using resources efficiently through robotic automation. The unique line-up of FASWeld Standard Robotic Weld Cells developed by Pre-Tec are built for companies using automation for the first time, as well as customers looking to expand their robotic automation capabilities. Each system is developed using the highest quality industrial components.

The small footprint through single-piece platforms allows for rapid delivery and installation time through pre-engineered solutions that are affordable and simple to use. The robotic experts at Pre-Tec have designed solutions that enhance load and unload time through dual-zone systems with room for customization as needs change or expand.

Careful planning went into each solution with the presence of forklift pockets for quick transport within the facility with leveling functions to ensure accuracy. Safety is at the forefront with the presence of modular fencing, welding flash curtains, push button operator controls, and service access doors.

Each weld cell configuration was planned out based on customer needs, from a simple flat table dual-zone approach to high production systems using servo-controlled positioners. These systems can be provided as base models that are ready to be tooled and programmed by the customer or with part tooling, process development, and specific programming handled by the Pre-Tec automation team.

We are excited to bring to market an affordable, expandable, and easy-to-use robotic weld cell system that enhances the capabilities of companies as they first turn to automation and beyond,” says Pre-Tec General Manager, Stan Reynolds. “Our customer base frequently looks to improve their manufacturing operations through automation and our unique line-up of FASWeld Standard Robotic Weld Cells allows them to do just that, while offering opportunities for growth as their business needs change.”

PRE-TEC, by expanding their material handling capabilities, continues the problem solving tradition by producing custom robotic operation solutions for other companies' manufacturing challenges.

The PRE-TEC Division of Willamette Valley Company has engineered more than 370 robotic systems for a wide range of industries and products and has become one of the largest integrators of robotic systems in the western region of North America.

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